BIKE PRACTICE (Quads allowed on Tuesday practices)

  • Every Tuesday on Intermediate track, select Wednesdays and Saturday before each scheduled race event on the Main competition track. Wednesday's before a race weekend are no public practices, the track is closed to get ready for the race weekend. Public practice for that week is moved to Saturday.

  • All Tuesday public practices will cost $25.00 on intermediate track and $30 on the Main MX track for a non-member, current Area 51 “RACER” members will be charged $5.00, "NON RACER" membership pass holders will be charged $10 per practice. Spectators are free of charge.

  • All practices are weather permitting. If the weather is in question please check the public Facebook page for an update, if it’s not posted by 3pm on day of practice, we will be running!

    • Facebook Page

    • Calling the Area 51 Hotline @ 585-345-7433 is another way to check practice status.

  • All public practices are run with organization and rotating classes by rank or size. The track is groomed watered and staffed with flaggers. We will have medical staff present. The concession stand might be open on a Wednesday for practice, depending on the vendor.

  • In order to participate you need:

    • Must have a parent or legal guardian with you at all times if you are less than 18 years old. If not accompanied by your own parents or legal guardian you must have guardian form and a minor release signed, completely filled out, and dated for the practice you wish to attend.

TUESDAY EVENING, April- September, 5pm-dusk
Minimum protective equipment: Helmet, goggles, gloves, boots(over the ankle), long sleeves, and pants.

Bike requirements: No street bikes, functional kill button, working brakes, and complete exhaust system.

Beginner Practice:
Rotating organized practice that is held on the intermediate track, separate 50cc Dunlop Minicross track will be open for 100cc or smaller machines. Both tracks are designed for the rider, young or old that does not compete on a regular basis, if you are looking to ride on a well organized, groomed and watered track this is the place for you! No MX racers please!

Beginner practice: Rotates at 12-15min intervals with ATV’s on our intermediate track, specially designed for ATV’s and beginner motocross bike riders.

  • Classes on the Don George’s Intermediate track:

    • Big Bike(125-open; group might get split on number of riders)

    • Mini (65cc-150cc)

  • 50cc Dunlop Minicross tracks:

    • 50cc Bike and ATV (beginner)

    • 65cc-150cc Bike and ATV (beginner) This is also for the first timer on a mx bike or track who feels that they need a few times to get a handle on riding a track.

Motocross Racer Practice: Rotating organized practice that is held on Area 51’s main competition track, hone your skills and improve on lap times! This practice is designed for the Competitive type that races or wants to in the future. The entire track is groomed, watered, and jumps are manned with flaggers. 50cc track will also be opened for the little ones that are up to race speed.

Racer practice: Typically rotating three groups at 12-15min intervals.

  • Classes on the main Mx Track:

    • Beginner/Novice (If needed will split classes)

    • Amateur/Expert

    • Mini’s

  • Classes on the Dunlop Minicross track:

    • Beginner 50cc

    • Advanced 50cc

    • Pit-bike