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Our Next Race Weekend! July 17th and 18th!

Our next race weekend will be July 17th and 18th! Click HERE for all information needed for the race weekend!




Special News!:

For the next 2 races (July 18th, August 8th):

We will be drawing 5 VIP Can/Am Race weekend winners at our August 8th race!

For every (non) money paying class race sign up in Dunlop Nightcross or Sundays races, we will automatically place your name into the appropriate giveaway.

5 VIP Can/Am race weekend raffled by bike size class

  1. 51cc

  2. 65cc

  3. 85cc thru super mini

  4. Big bike 125cc.and up

  5. Big bike 125cc and up.

The 5 Vip Can AM Race giveaways include the following for the winner.

  1. Can/Am Sunday - 3 free race class signups

  2. Saturday night Dunlop Nightcross - 2 free race class signups

  3. Saturday Event Practice - 1 Free signup.

  4. Friday night warmup practice on Tuesday night back track - 1 free signup.

  5. VIP early arrival Thursday at noon, pit parking.

  6. Free Area 51 T-shirt.

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