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Saturday April 15th we will have an organized, open to public practice from 11am till 4pm, 5 hour practice. All tracks will be groomed and watered like Wednesday nights. All three tracks will be open for following group rotations. Flaggers and medics just like Wednesdays. Saturday gates will open at 10am.

Main track: rotations Beginner, Novice, am/exp, Minis 65cc and 85cc together. Fee $40. Members price as follows Racer Members $5, non racer member $10 each no matter what track.

Dunlop nightcross track: all 51cc groups, playbikes, youth quads. Fee $30

Intermediate track: big bikes beginners that like to ride this track and Big quads; 2 rotations. Fee $40.

This is open to Everyone NO membership required. You may still join membership on Saturday and we will apply some of the costs of practice to your 2023 membership. Members can camp Saturday night to Sunday. Gates will be open Friday night if anyone wants to camp out. NO concession stand this weekend.


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