Motocross Lessons


What we work on:

We always start the lesson off by a quick classroom power point. The rest of the lesson is taken out on the track. Depending on the skill of the group we pick the obstacles that we need to work on, The skilled Instructors will explain, and demonstrate all the drills. We will have the riders attempt to perfect their skills one at a time, as the instructors offer advice to each rider that needs work. With experience we have developed a solid training program that offers something for everyone.

At Area 51 Motocross we realize what others overlook. We need safe and skilled riders, let?s face it motocross can be a dangerous sport, and if your getting hurt and not progressing as a rider, chances are that you will quit before you reach the full rewards the sport has to offer. Knowing that not all riders aspire to be the next ?big thing? we encourage all riders to take lessons, for safety if nothing else. It makes a difference when things can be explained to you properly, broken down, and shown to you in a small group.

Jarret DeFazio are current successful racers. They have experienced some of the best training facilities in the U.S. and have worked with longtime instructor Corey Kandefer for the past few years. The one on one attention is great with having smaller groups for more personal attention.

What to bring:

Bike and all protective gear-
Snacks, and drinks-
Parent or legal guardian if under 18-
Spark plug, clutch and brake lever, tubes, and any common spare parts that might help-
$100 in cash, or check

EMAIL now and reserve your spot!!