Tuesday November 11 we will be open for practice all three tracks open. 10am till dusk fee $25 no flaggers or medics this is open to public no memberships required.

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November 9 Gp harescramble. This years course will see a drastic change we have decided to REVERSE the course thru the woods. Some NEW and exciting new trails with the addition of Area 51 purchasing 19 ACRES of more land , this by far create a new fun course for all to enjoy. Here is the list of race times and classes for this weekends event. Weather permitting we will have a nightcross race Saturday night at 5pm for all size Bikes and Quads, see list Below under Saturday nightcross.No memberships or district cards require.Open to the public for all to try nightcross and GP Harescramble, Note we will be racing on both the Tuesday practice track and the Main track and utilizing almost all of these tracks, plus the grass track and woods. Gate fees $10 for the whole weekend, all classes race fees $25. Saturday nightcross classes listed below. All classes below are open for teams but each rider pays class fees and will get trophy.
Mini's. signup 7- 8 am race starts at 8:30am to 10am 1.5 hour race.
Row 1 85cc-150cc
Row 2 65cc

Race Number 2 , signup 7-9:30 am , Race starts at 10am , 2 hr race
Row 1 Novice
Row 2 Plus 30 C
Row 3 Plus 40 C
Row 4 Plus 50
Row 5 Beginner

Race Number 3 signup 7- 12 pm , race starts 12:30pm 2 hour race
Row 1 Experts
Row 2 Amateur
Row 3 Plus 30 B
Row 4 Plus 40 B

Race 4 All quads Signup 10am - 2:30pm, Race starts 3pm
Row 1 expert Quad
Row 2 Amateur Quad
Row 3 Novice Quad
Row 4 Beginner Quad
Row 5 Plus 30 Quad
Row 6 Utility Quad
Trophies paid out one for three riders up to tenth place. experts 100 percent payout.

Canadian riders looking for additional health travel insurance great coverage two companies offer CIBC 1800-848-8454,www.ridersurance.Com 1-888-803-9433.

Winners of this year's Ron Nye Award, Zack Dobbs (USA) and Nicholas Cryer (Canada) take a moment for some well deserved photo's. They were selected out of over +700 riders and should be proud of being recognized for this outstanding achievement! -CJBondPhotography.com

2014 Sunday MX Race dates

GP Harescramble
Novemebr 8- 9th saturday nightcross bikes and Quads, Sunday harescramble bikes and quads.

Saturday Night Racing schedule Bikes & ATV's

Under the lights (no membership needed $25 per class)

WNYRacing Sunday Bike Races

3pm sign up 5:00pm practice, racing to follow
No Sanctioning, no membership needed
Race fees: $25 per class
Weather permitting

1) 51cc Beginner 4-6 stock
2) 51cc intermediate 4-8
3) 51cc Senior 6-8
4) 60-65cc 7-9 yrs old
5) 60-65cc 10-11yrs old
6) Girls 60cc-85cc (9-15)/Women
7) Pit-Bike Class 1: Stock class (9-15)
8) Pit-Bike Class 2: Open Money Mid size Mod.100% payback (14-up)
9) Senior mini 85cc-150ccfs (12-15)
10) Mini combined 65&85cc (9-13)
11) Open Beginner
12) Open Novice
13) Open Am
14) +30 Riders over 30yrs
15) Mini Quad (50cc production)
16) Mini Quad (51-90cc production)
17) Quad Schoolboy/school girl 12-16yrs
18) Beginner Quad
19) Novice Quad
20) Am Quad
21) Expert Bike 100% payback
22) Expert Quad 100% payback

Sanctioned by WNYRacing, any current district card accepted, or 1 time day pass avail.

Held on Main track and 51 cc classes are on the night track
Trophy payback is 1 for 3
Classes are WNYRacing rules

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