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We wish everyone a happy Easter and want to show our appreciation to our Members by opening the track to them this Sunday from 12noon-dusk. This is private for Area 51 members only! Next Thursday the main track will be closed to members for grooming for our upcoming race event.

2014 Sunday MX Race dates

April 27th- WNYRacing KTM contingency, Fly Bucks, Dunlop rear tires to +40 and women class winners
May 11th- WNYRacing Dunlop tires to all 65cc class winners
June 15th- WNYRacing Scott Goggle day ,Suzuki Contingency, Dunlop rear tires to 50cc class winners
July 27th- WNYRacing Fly Bucks, Dunlop Rear tires to 250cc beg, nov, am, exp. Class winners
August 31st- WNYRacing Can AM AIR Yam, Honda, Kaw, Suz, Ktm, contingency. TONS OF PRIZES 1-10th
Nov 26th- WNYRacing Halloween Race, Dunlop rear tires to Open beg, nov, am, exp. class winners

Saturday Night Racing schedule Bikes & ATV's

Under the lights (no membership needed $20 per class)

To be announced
3pm sign up 5pm practice, racing to follow
No Sanctioning, no membership needed
Race fees: $25 per class, $10 gate fee
Weather permitting

1) 51cc Beginner 4-6 stock
2) 51cc intermediate 4-8
3) 51cc Senior 6-8
4) 60-65cc 7-9 yrs old
5) 60-65cc 10-11yrs old
6) Girls 60cc-85cc (9-15)/Women
7) Pit-Bike Class 1: Stock class (9-15)
8) Pit-Bike Class 2: Open Money Mid size Mod.100% payback (14-up)
9) Senior mini 85cc-150ccfs (12-15)
10) Mini combined 65&85cc (9-13)
11) Open Beginner
12) Open Novice
13) Open Am
14) +30 Riders over 30yrs
15) Mini Quad (50cc production)
16) Mini Quad (51-90cc production)
17) Quad Schoolboy/school girl 12-16yrs
18) Beginner Quad
19) Novice Quad
20) Am Quad
21) Expert Bike 100% payback
22) Expert Quad 100% payback

WNYRacing Sunday Bike Races

Sanctioned by WNYRacing, any current district card accepted, or 1 time day pass avail.

Held on Main track and 51 cc classes are on the night track
Trophy payback is 1 for 3
Classes are WNYRacing rules

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