Can Am AIR Weekend schedule of events

-THURSDAY Aug 28th : Early arrivals gates open 3pm and close @ 11pm
-FRIDAY Aug 29th : Gates open 12noon, Ron Nye Memorial $5 min. donation “Old school” grass race 6pm
-FRIDAY NIGHT : LIVE BAND AND BEER TENT/ free pit machine mud bog (new)
-SATURDAY August 30th: Gates open @ 8am,Race Event Open practice 11:15am-3:15pm (on main competition track) . 51 cc riders will practice on Intermediate track (fee$25) 51cc senior 6-8 will practice & race two motos on the Main Track moto 1 Before practice and Moto 2 at the end of practice.
-SUNDAY August 31st : Canada VS USA………The Race of the Season!
Can/AM AIR Gates open @ 6:30am 2 moto format, Practice 8am two hot laps
Per practice grouping and we will be racing prior to 9am Sunday.

2014 can am art web.jpg

NOTE: Can Am AIR Gate fees increase if you arrive earlier than SUNDAY.

With the size of this event additional staffing and facilities are required in order to provide a great atmosphere and experience. Gate fee per person, racers included: Thursday thru Saturday arrivals $20, Saturday after 8pm gate fee $15, Sunday gate fee $10 non racer kids under 7yrs are free.

2014 Sunday MX Race dates

August 30- 31st- WNYRacing Can AM AIR Yam, Honda, Kaw, Suz, Ktm, contingency. TONS OF PRIZES 1-10th
Oct 26th- WNYRacing Halloween Race, Dunlop rear tires to Open beg, nov, am, exp. class winners
Novemebr 8- 9th saturday nightcross bikes and Quads, Sunday harescramble bikes and quads.

Saturday Night Racing schedule Bikes & ATV's

Under the lights (no membership needed $25 per class)

August 30th
3pm sign up 5:30pm practice, racing to follow
No Sanctioning, no membership needed
Race fees: $25 per class
Weather permitting

1) 51cc Beginner 4-6 stock
2) 51cc intermediate 4-8
3) 51cc Senior 6-8
4) 60-65cc 7-9 yrs old
5) 60-65cc 10-11yrs old
6) Girls 60cc-85cc (9-15)/Women
7) Pit-Bike Class 1: Stock class (9-15)
8) Pit-Bike Class 2: Open Money Mid size Mod.100% payback (14-up)
9) Senior mini 85cc-150ccfs (12-15)
10) Mini combined 65&85cc (9-13)
11) Open Beginner
12) Open Novice
13) Open Am
14) +30 Riders over 30yrs
15) Mini Quad (50cc production)
16) Mini Quad (51-90cc production)
17) Quad Schoolboy/school girl 12-16yrs
18) Beginner Quad
19) Novice Quad
20) Am Quad
21) Expert Bike 100% payback
22) Expert Quad 100% payback

WNYRacing Sunday Bike Races

Sanctioned by WNYRacing, any current district card accepted, or 1 time day pass avail.

Held on Main track and 51 cc classes are on the night track
Trophy payback is 1 for 3
Classes are WNYRacing rules

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